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Quick Cabbage Egg Podimas | Tasty (Scrambled) Egg Bhurji with Cabbage

by Jayashri
egg cabbage poriyal

(Note: Cabbage Egg Podimas Recipe is a variation of the original Egg Podimas Recipe)

Cabbage Egg Podimas or Muttaikose Muttai Poriyal is a simple dish that tastes very similar to the regular Egg Podimas recipe.

What is Cabbage Egg Podimas?

Cabbage Egg Podimas is simply scrambled eggs cooked along with chopped cabbage.

It is another variation of the regular Egg Podimas/ Egg Bhurji recipe.

This cabbage egg podimas/ muttaikose poriyal is prepared using finely chopped or shredded cabbage, chopped onions, eggs and spices.

cabbage egg podimas

You may increase or decrease the quantity of chopped onions as per your taste because cabbage and onions almost give the dish that crunchy texture.

For this recipe, you may choose to chop the cabbage finely or just shred them long.

Video Recipe: Muttai Podimas / Muttai Poriyal Varieties

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Meal Combinations for Podimas

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How to Make Cabbage Egg Podimas – Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Cutting Vegetables

  • Finely chop the cabbage, onions, green chillies etc.
  • You may chop the cabbage finely or simply shred them lengthwise.
  • Green chillies are completely optional since you will be adding red chilly powder for the spice.
  • It’s advisable to avoid green chillies if you are planning to give it to your kids.
finely chop cabbage for podimas

Step 2: Sauteing

  • In a kadai – add oil (preferably sunflower oil or groundnut oil).
  • Once the oil heats up – add mustard and urad dal.
  • Allow it to crackle.
  • Add the finely chopped onions, green chillies and curry leaves.
  • Saute 2-3 minutes in medium flame until onions turn golden brown.
saute onions and spices
onions sauteed

Step 3: Spices

  • Add turmeric powder, chilly powder and the required salt.
  • Combine well.
add powdered spices
combine spices well

Step 3: Vegetables

  • Add the chopped cabbage and saute in medium flame for 2 minutes.
  • Pour very little water to cook the cabbage.
  • Cook until the water evaporates.
add cabbage
mix well

Step 5: Adding the Eggs

  • Push the cabbage to the sides and make a hole in between.
  • Break open an egg and stir from the middle.
break an egg
add egg for podimas
  • Slowly and gradually mix it with the cabbage and stir well.
  • Cook until the cabbage and eggs are combined well and cooked dry.
combine the egg with cabbage
cook until dry
cooked well
cabbage egg podimas

Recipe Card: How to Make Cabbage Egg Podimas/Muttaikose Muttai Poriyal

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