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Chocolate Kesari | Chocolate Sheera Recipe

by Jayashri
chocolate rava kesari featured

Chocolate Kesari | Chocolate Rava Kesari | Chocolate Sheera Recipe at home | Rava Kesari with a Chocolaty Twist

Kesari is a very common Indian Sweet dish. The classic ingredients used in its preparation are semolina(rava/sooji), sugar, ghee, water , milk and some nuts to garnish it.

This dish is very popular in South-India, mainly, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. It is known as Ravai Kesari in Tamil and Telugu, Kesari bhat in Kannada and Sooji Halwa/Sheera in Hindi. In this post we will learn on how to prepare Chocolate Kesari with Rava.

Who doesn’t love to eat Chocolates? All of us just love chocolates in any form. Today, let’s give a tasty twist to this traditional style of making Kesari.

Ever heard of Rava Kesari made using Chocolate? Sounds interesting right? I’m sure everyone of us will surely love this recipe, esp. kids. Chocolate Kesari with Rava is made using the same ingredients involved in the traditional way of preparation. In addition, we also add Chocolate (Bars/Chips) to give it a chocolate flavour.

Chocolate Kesari can he had at any point of the day. Especially after a great lunch (like paneer butter masala restaurant style for vegetarians and mutton ghee roast for non-vegetarians), having chocolate kesari can give a deep sense of satisfaction. Give it a try and you will love it!

Chocolate Kesari with Rava – Step by Step Method with Photos:

  • In a milk pot – Add cocoa powder and milk (little). Stir well until no lumps are found. Now, add the remaining milk and also water. Mix well. [High Flame]
chocolate kesari chocolate
  • Add vanilla extract (optional) and chocolate. You may use choco chips or any chocolate bars that’s available near you. Mix well until chocolate melts. Allow it to boil. [High Flame]. Keep aside but do not allow it to cool completely.
chocolate kesari boil
  • In a non-stick kadai – Add ghee and semolina (rava/ravai/sooji). Saute it until the rava turns slightly whitish. Do NOT burn it nor allow it to turn brown in colour. [Low Flame]. Takes about 3-4 minutes. [Semolina and Sugar – 1:1 ratio]
chocolate kesari roasting suji
  • Now, add the prepared chocolate and milk mixture to the roasted semolina. Make sure that the chocolate mixture is still HOT. Be careful while you add the hot chocolate milk mixture as it could splutter out. [Low Flame] Stir well until no lumps are found.
kesari pouring chocolate
  • Add sugar and mix well until it is completely dissolved.
add sugar on kesari
  • Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes in low flame.
cover & cook the kesari
  • Ghee separates on the sides and the kesari comes out of the pan without sticking to its bottom. Garnish it with some chopped nuts of your choice. Nuts could also be pre-roasted. Its completely your choice.
chocolate kesari ready to serve
  • Serve hot!
chocolate kesari featured

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