Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate Ice Cream (Chocolate Lovers Paradise!)

Death by Chocolate Ice Cream! The name sounds really weird for an Ice Cream.

But this is what we tried in “Corner House” shop in Bangalore.

Death by Chocolate Ice Cream is a Special and Famous Ice Cream in the Corner House outlets.

If you’re fond of dark chocolate and ice cream, you’ll LOVE this chocolate based ice cream.

Let’s dive right into this Dark Chocolate experience!

What is Death By Chocolate Ice Cream?

As per Wikipedia, Death By Chocolate is a mixture of various desserts while making an ice cream, with Dark Chocolate being the base/primary one.

Death By Chocolate Ice Cream

I was brought up in Bangalore. During college days, I used to go along with my friends to the nearby Corner House branch for this delicious ice cream.

Corner House branches are almost everywhere in Bangalore!

Corner House Shop

It was our routine to have Ice Cream from Corner House on almost every Friday during my college days.

Corner House Death By Chocolate Ice Cream just makes our day – it is THAT MOUTH WATERING!

Corner house Shop Bangalore

Actually we buy one Death By Chocolate Ice Cream and share the same among 4 of us! Because the quantity of chocolate and ice cream is a lot for one person.

Corner House Death By Chocolate Ice Cream

Scoops of Vanilla ice cream (ice cream flavour is customizable, it could be other flavours as well like chocolate, strawberry, etc) in a plastic container are placed. Along with some freshly whipped cream and cherries.

On top of that chocolate brownies are placed and then tons of melted hot dark chocolate are poured over them!

Corner House Ice Cream5

After pouring the chocolate, fried groundnuts are sprinkled on top of it.

Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Corner House

Since there is lot of Chocolate/Cocoa taste in this ice cream, not all will love this. It is only for pure chocolate lovers (otherwise called as chocoholics).

On that particular day, along with my husband, I first went to Bangalore Famous Donne Biryani shop – the Shivaji Military hotel.

donne mutton biriyani with chicken fry and cucumber raita

We had a very DELICIOUS and SPICY Mutton Biryani for lunch.

So naturally, after a tummy full of spicy biryani, it was time for a dessert. And that is when we decided to go to Corner House.

Bangalore signal


Since my husband hasn’t tasted any of the ice creams from Corner House, I was pretty excited to introduce him to the Death By Chocolate ice cream.

Corner House Ice Creams

And he LOVED it – because he is a chocolate and ice cream lover!

Corner House Address (The one we visited)

Shop No. 1225, 26th Main Road,
Jayanagara 9th Block, Putlanpalya,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069

The Corner House Style of Preparing the Death By Chocolate

Corner House Ice Cream

Dark chocolate was simmering in the utensil.

Corner House Ice Cream Equipments


  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Whipped Cream
  • Cherries
  • Hot Dark Chocolate
Corner House Ice Cream 2

The core ingredients – chocolate brownie along with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and cherries were placed in the plastic container.

Then, HOT chocolate was poured on top which drowned the entire chocolate brownie and ice cream.

Then, fried and salted groundnuts were put on top. It was a bit of a surprise because generally cashew nuts or badam is used for topping, but in this case, it was fried salted groundnuts!

Corner House Death By Chocolate Ice Cream

The combination of all these ingredients just exploded inside the mouth. A heavenly experience!

If you are in Bangalore, NEVER EVER miss this dessert. This is totally worth your effort.

Corner House Ice Cream8

Not only the death by chocolate, but there are also other varieties as well to make you happy!

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