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7 (QUICK & TASTY) Egg Podimas Recipes | Best Side Dishes for Chapathi

by Jayashri
muttai podimas

Want to prepare a QUICK and TASTY side dish for chapathi?

Egg Podimas (Egg Poriyal / Muttai Podimas) or South Indian Scrambled Egg is the answer.

Today I will show you not 1, not 2 but 7 different types of Egg Podimas!

Which can be quickly prepared…

… and tastes delicious.

Let’s get started!

What is Egg Podimas / Egg Poriyal

Egg Podimas/Egg Poriyal/Muttai Podimas is the South Indian Style of making Scrambled Eggs. It is a very simple and tasty side dish recipe that can be prepared in a few minutes (in less than 5 minutes).

Egg podimas makes a quick side dish for rice and curry, chapathi, puliogare etc.

This recipe is an easy version of egg podimas. For any egg fry or bhurji or podimas recipe, I recommend you prepare it just before you sit for a meal. As eggs recipes taste good only when prepared fresh and eaten hot.

You may prepare muttai podimas at any time of the day be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between meals when you feel hungry all of a sudden.

Egg Podimas muttai podimas

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Egg Podimas Vs Egg Bhurji

Egg Podimas Egg Bhurji
1. South Indian Style Scrambled Eggs1. North Indian Style Scrambled Eggs
2. Eggs, onions, green chillies, curry leaves are the main ingredients.2. Eggs, onions, tomato, turmeric powder, chilly powder, curry leaves, coriander leaves are the main ingredients.
3. Vegetables like carrot, beans, cabbage, spinach, capsicum, tomato etc. can be used.3. Vegetables like carrot, capsicum, green peas, paneer etc. can be used.

Egg in 5 indian Languages

  • Muttai – in Tamil
  • Anda – in Hindi
  • Mutta – in Malayalam
  • Motte – in Kannada
  • Guddu – in Telugu

Video Recipe: Muttai Podimas / Muttai Poriyal

Best Side Dishes for Chapathi

There are unlimited options for chapati side dish. Some of the most popular ones are below:

  • Paneer Butter Masala : This is one most popular side dish most of us love to have with naan, roti, chapathi, padatha etc. It is a blend of onion, tomato and cashew puree cooked with spices and paneer.

  • Onion Tomato Curry : this particular curry has been a very simple and tasty side dish for chapathi. It is prepared using onions and tomatoes sauteed until cooked along with green chillies, crushed garlic, salt and curry leaves.

  • Onion Capsicum Cashew Curry : This is another simple & tasty side dish. Its a quick recipe and one of my favourites. Onions and Capsicum are sauteed along with spices and finally cashew paste is added for that creamy and rich flavour.

But if you want to make simple and quick side dishes for chapathi, egg side dishes are preferred over other side dishes.

Egg Dishes for Chapathi

  • Egg Podimas/Bhurji/Poriyal
  • Egg Masala
  • Egg Curry/Gravy
  • Omelette Curry/Gravy
  • Egg Malai Gravy

Today, I will cover the most simple one – the Egg Podimas.

How to Make Egg Poriyal/Spicy Muttai Poriyal – Step by Step Procedure


Peeling and Cutting

  • Finely chop onions and green chillies.

Breaking the Eggs

  • Break open all the eggs into a bowl. Beat the eggs well using a spoon or fork or hand whisk. Beat well and keep aside.


  • In a kadai/pan, add oil, mustard, chopped onions and green chillies, salt and then add curry leaves. Saute until the onions turn translucent or glassy.

Pouring the Beaten Eggs

  • Pour in the Beaten or whisked eggs into the kadai. Cook in low to medium flame.

Cooking the Eggs

  • Once you pour in the Eggs, it starts to thicken. Keep stirring continuously until the eggs are completely cooked and non sticky.
  • You will need to scrape the sides to make these eggs scrambled.
  • Finally add some pepper powder and combine well.
  • Stir on medium flame and cook until the eggs are nicely done and separated. You will notice that there is no moisture left.
Egg Podimas
  • Turn off the flame and serve hot with chapathi, roti, rice and curry etc.
Egg Podimas ready

Muttai Podimas – Variations

Andhra Egg Podimas

Andhra style recipes are usually very hot and spicy. Similarly, Andhra Egg Podimas is a spicier version of the normal Podimas.

Boiled Egg Fry Podimas

Boiled Egg Fry Podimas (clicking on the link will take you to the step by step detailed recipe) is a quick and simple recipe. It is prepared using boiled eggs and spices. Both of these chopped finely and tossed in some spices until the eggs are slightly fried.

boiled egg fry podimas

Egg Podimas Gravy

Egg Podimas Gravy is simply egg Podimas added to a thick onion tomato based curry. It is an apt side dish for chapathi, paratha, naan, roti etc.

Chicken Podimas

Chicken Podimas is really a super interesting dish. It is prepared by boiling chicken and then it is shredded and sauteed with onions and spices. It can be eaten separately or as a side dish for chapathi or dosa or idly or even as a starter. This chicken Podimas can also be stuffed into chapathi, paratha, idly and dosa.

Few Vegetable Egg Podimas Variations:

Cauliflower Egg Podimas / Cauliflower Egg Poriyal

Cauliflower egg podimas is similar to cabbage egg podimas when it comes to texture and appearance. Grated cauliflower is cooked along with eggs and stirred to make podimas.

Capsicum Egg Podimas

Capsicum Egg Podimas (clicking on the link will take you to the step by step detailed recipe) is quite a crunchy side dish for chapathi or rice and curry. Capsicum is sauteed with onions and spices, and egg is breaken open and then stirred until cooked well.

capsicum egg podimas

Egg Podimas Tomato / Egg Poriyal with Tomato

Egg Podimas Tomato recipe (click on the link to know more about the recipe in detail) is basically prepared with onions, tomato and green chillies.

tomato egg podimas

Cabbage Egg Poriyal

Cabbage egg poriyal is a very simple yet tasty poriyal or side dish for rice and curry. It is prepared by cooking cabbage with onions and spices and finally add the egg and stir until the eggs are combined and cooked well.

cabbage egg podimas

Beans Egg Poriyal

Like most other vegetables, beans egg poriyal is simple and is prepared in the same way as carrot or Capsicum Podimas. Beans is sauteed along with onions and spices and once cooked well, the eggs are added to it stirred well until they are combined and cooked well.

beans egg podimas

Carrot Egg Poriyal

Carrot egg poriyal is prepared by sauteing grated carrots along with chopped onions, green chillies and spices. Once cooked, egg is added to it and stirred well until completely cooked.

carrot egg podimas

Recipe Card: How to Make Egg Podimas/Muttai Poriyal

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