Holige mane boli

Holige Mane (CRAZY Varieties of Boli!)

It was a surprise when I came to know that Holige Mane had so many different types of poli/obbattu, like:

We naturally wanted to visit the shop and try most of them.

We tried around 8 Signature Poli and all of them TASTED delicious!

Today, I will show you how the poli/obbattu are prepared in Holige Mane.

Let’s Get Started!

What is Holige Mane?

Holige is a sweet flatbread. It is known by several names in India like:

Mane – Home. Holige Mane literally translates to “Home of Boli”.

When we entered the Holige shop ( “Holige Mane” at Malleshwaram, Bangalore (India) ), a pleasant aroma of the boli heightened our taste buds!

Holiga Mane

On top of that it was raining heavily outside when we visited this shop.

Bangaore Rain Holige Mane

And everyone knows the climate in Bangalore when it rains, it is simply chill and awesome time to be in.

Having a hot sweet poli during heavy raining was a WONDERFUL experience!

Malleshwaram Holige Mane Rain

Holige Mane Address:

6th Cross Road,
Next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan,
Sangeetha Apts,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

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Holige has 2 parts to it:

  • Outer Layer – is made using plain flour or maida. It is almost always the same for all variants of Boli.
  • Inner Stuffing – is generally filled with Jaggery and channa dal or toor dal, or coconut, or peanut, sesame, poppy seeds etc. This is where the Boli gets lot of variants.

If you want to try out boli in your home like Coconut/Paruppu holige, then try our below recipe:

Holige/Boli/Obbattu Recipe

Paruppu Boli recipe

8 Signature Holige Varieties We Tried

  • Khova Holige – a sweetened solid form of reduced milk (paal khova) stuffed inside poli.
  • Carrot Holige – a sort of carrot halwa stuffed inside poli.
  • Pineapple Holige – a sweetened solid form of pineapple puree stuffed inside boli
  • Chocolate Holige – molten sweet chocolate stuffed inside poli
  • Black Currant Holige – a sweetened solid form of blackcurrant puree stuffed inside poli
  • Badam Holige – Poli stuffed with badam halwa
  • Lychee Holige – poli stuffed with lychee puree
  • Mango Holige – sweetened mango puree stuffed poli
Different Poli Varieties

I especially loved – Chocolate poli, mango poli and badam obbattu!

obbattu holige poli

Other Poli Varieties include

  • Paruppu (Dal)
  • Thenga (Coconut)
  • Dry Fruits
  • Strawberry
  • Dates
  • Peanut, etc.

Holige Mane – Poli/Obbattu Preparation

The preparation process was same for all the polis except the stuffing inside the outer maida layer. The boli will differ according to the type of stuffing we choose like mango, khova ,etc.

Holige Mane Obbattu Maavu

Poli Stuffing

As seen below, the inside stuffings were already prepared and kept in the plate.

Poli stuffing Holige Mane

Then the sweet stuffings were wrapped up with the maida dough(all purpose flour).

Poli Stuffing

Those were then turned into a shape of ball and kept in a vessel with some cooking oil in it. Soaking in oil helps poli become flat while rolling.

Malleshwaram Holige Mane Poli

Poli Rolling

Then the boli ball(maida plus stuffing) was rolled over to form a thin layer of circular shape (the usual shape of obbattu).

Poli preparation Holige Mane

And then, the thin layer of raw holige was taken and then placed on the hot iron tawa for cooking.

Holige Mane Pineapple Poli

Cooking Poli

The boli was cooked on both the sides by flipping it.

poli heating
cooking obbattu

Once the boli was properly cooked, then it was taken out for a delicious experience.

Types of Boli obbattu

The obbattu/boli was deliciously yummy!!!

Boli Eating

Poli Parcel

We ordered other boli varieties and parceled them for take-away.

Boli Packing

Then after reaching home, we opened the parcel – the aroma of boli once again tempted us to taste it.

Mango Boli

This time we shared with our family members and friends.

Mango Boli 2

All of them thoroughly enjoyed the taste and were pleasantly surprised with the different varieties of bobbatlu!

Holiga Mane Boli

A great TASTY experience to cherish!

So next time, when you are in Bangalore, make sure to visit “Holige Mane” from Malleshwaram area.

The foodies will love this place!

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