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Instant Palkova Recipe | Palgova Sweet Recipe

Instant Palkova Recipe | Palgova Sweet Recipe | Paneer Palkova | How to make quick & easy palkova at home with panneer

Instant Palkova is a quick version of the popular Palkova or Palgova sweet dish.

It is a super easy and quick recipe that can be prepared with only 2 ingredientsPaneer and Condensed milk.

instant palkova recipe with paneer

What is Palkova?

Palkova or palgova, is a milk-based sweet prepared with only milk and sugar. It is a very popular sweet dish in South India and originated from a town named Srivilliputhur in Tamilnadu, India.

The traditional method of preparing palkova uses “Seem Paal or Colostrum Milk” meaning “the first milk from the cow after it delivers the calf” and sugar for sweetness.

This sweet is usually served in marriages, receptions, baby shower functions etc.

What is Instant Palkova?

Instant palgova is a super easy and quick sweet dish that can be prepared with only 2 ingredients and in just 10 minutes.

Today, I have prepared it using homemade paneer and condensed milk. This homemade paneer is really soft and spongy and tastes really great as I have prepared it from the cow’s milk. Click Here to know how to prepare Paneer at home in the most simplest way.

This recipe of palkova is my recent favourite, because of the number of ingredients that are used to prepare the dish. It not only reduces the effort and complexity of the dish, but results in a rich and creamy milk-based sweet.

Well, this recipe can also be prepared using condensed milk and milk powder too. Again it’s another version of the same dish, but the resulting taste is the same.

Video Recipe: How to make instant palkova recipe with paneer?

The Traditional Method:

The traditional method of making palkova takes at least 1 hour to be prepared. In the traditional method, the milk is allowed to boil in a large iron vessel or you may also use a non-stick pan if your preparing at home for ease.

Once the milk is boiled well, it is cooked further in low flame until the milk is reduced well. The milk reduces to less than half or quarter portion and then starts to thicken. At one stage it starts to curdle naturally and water separates from milk.

Once water is separated, on continuous cooking it evapourates. Now we can add sugar and cardamom and ghee if required. Sugar melts and combines well with the curdled milk. Cook until it forms a thick, rich, creamy dessert.

instant palkova sweet

Step by step procedure to prepare Instant Palkova

I have used homemade paneer to prepare this recipe. Crumble or break the paneer into a kadai on medium heat. You can can use little ghee if required. You may also use store bought paneer. In case, of store bought paneer, make sure to bring the paneer to room temperature before preparing the dish.

Or, you may also grate the paneer directly removed from the refrigerator and continue the procedure.

Now add condensed milk to the crumbled paneer and mix it well. Cook for 2 minutes on low flame.

Transfer it to a blender or mixi and blend to a smooth and fine paste. It can be a little coarse, but not too much.

Give it a good mix. Try to mash a little if any lumps are found. Continue cooking on medium flame until the milk starts to thicken.

Bring it together as it starts to thicken. Forms a slightly thick dough. Separates from the pan easily without sticking.

Add crushed or powdered cardamom for some extra flavour. But its completely optional. It tastes amazing when hot or cold. You just have to note the creamy, rich texture.

Further, this recipe of milk-based sweet called instant palkova can be served as solid pieces like peda or sandhesh. Click Here to know how to prepare Sandhesh or Peda from this Palkova recipe.

For more such interesting video recipes, check out my Three Whistles Kitchen YouTube Channel.

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