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Madurai Mutton Dosa | How to Make Mutton Dosa at Home

by Jayashri
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Madurai Mutton Dosa |  How to make simple Mutton Dosai at home!

Dosa (also known as Dosai) is a common Breakfast recipe in South India (veg dish) which goes well with Sambar and
chutney varieties.

But when you stuff it with Mutton Ghee Roast(or Mutton chukka), mutton dosa tastes delicious and yummy! An unorthodox combination of veg (Dosai) and non-veg (mutton or chicken ghee roast) makes it an irresistible mouthwatering dish.

It is very famous in Madurai, Tamilnadu (India). That’s why the name Madurai Mutton Dosa. There is another variant which is Madurai Kari Dosa – which is very famous and needs some more ingredients – I will be making a separate post on that as well.

Make sure that mutton chukka is ready before preparing dosai. Leftover mutton or chicken ghee roast can be used to prepare this dish.

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Step by Step Preparation of Madurai Mutton Dosa with Photos:

  • On the Dosa tawa – Add little oil and spread it well across the tawa using a half cut onion. Using onion will avoid the dosa from sticking to the tawa.
mutton dosa onion
  • Sprinkle little water on the tawa to check if it has heated up well. [ Water splutters if tawa is hot ].
mutton dosa water sprinkle
  • Once tawa is hot, Pour 2 ladle full of dosa batter and spread the batter to make the dosa of desired size. Pour oil in order to get a crispy dosa.
mutton dosa batter
  • Add the prepared mutton ghee roast and spread it on the dosa. [ as required ] Add some more oil, if required.
mutton dosa mtton stuffing
  • Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes. [Medium Flame]
mutton dosa cover
  • Cook until Crispy and Brown on the edges. [As shown]
mutton dosa cooked well crisp
  • Tasty Madurai Mutton Dosa is ready to serve!
mutton dosa featured

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