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Thengai Burfi |Coconut Burfi Recipe| Traditional Burfi Recipe

by Jayashri
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Thengai Burfi | Coconut burfi Recipe | Nariyal Burfi | Traditional Burfi Recipe

Thengai Burfi (also known as coconut burfi) is a dense sweet confectionery from the Indian subcontinent, a type of mithai.

This is the most simplest sweet recipe with minimal ingredients in our traditional South Indian way.

Some popular varieties of burfi include coconut burfi (made with grated coconut), besan barfi (made with gram flour), kaaju barfi (made with cashews), pista burfi (made with ground pistachios), etc.

Coconut burfi is typically cut into square, diamond or round shapes. The sweet is easily adapted for casual occasions to the most formal event.

Most popular spice used to flavour coconut burfi is Cardamom.

Adding edible silver leaf (vark) to the edges of burfi is popular when the sweet confection is to be served at an important event such as a wedding or other such occasion.

For added flavour and to provide a colourful contrast, often it is rolled in crushed nuts before it is served.

This confection is served in India, all year round, but especially consumed during the holiday seasons, wedding ceremonies, and the religious festivals.

Burfi is often prepared during Diwali, holi, raksha bandan & navaratri. The traditional Hindu cuisine is an important part of these annual festivities.

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Thengai Burfi – Step by Step Preparation

  • In a pan – Add the grated or desiccated coconut and dry roast it for about 2 minute. At this stage you will get the coconut flavor/aroma. Turn off the flame and keep aside. Let it cool. [Medium Flame]
coconut barfi fry
  • Now, let’s prepare the sugar syrup! In a pan – Add sugar and water. Allow the sugar to melt completely. Bring it to a boil. [Medium Flame]
coconut barfi boil
  • To check the consistency – Drop a few drops of sugar syrup into a bowl of water. Now try to bring the syrup together to make a thick hard ball, with the help of your finger. It should not spread or dissolve in water.
    if the consistency is not reached, continue cooking for another 2 minutes,
coconut barfi string consistency
  • Wait for the consistency. Then add the crushed cardamom for that exotic flavor. And give it a good mix.
coconut barfi sugar syrup
  • Now add the dry roasted coconut gratings. Combine it well with the sugar syrup and cook well until it thickens. Stir Occasionally. Do NOT burn it. [Medium Flame]
coconut barfi sugar
  • Thickened well. Perfect consistency! Turn off the flame.
coconut barfi combine
  • Before it cools, transfer it to a plate and spread it evenly so that it is easier to cut into pieces.Grease the plate with some ghee or butter, so that it will be easier to remove from the plate without breaking the burfi pieces. Leave it aside for 2 minutes.
coconut barfi flatten spread
  • After 2 minutes, make sure it is still warm enough to make cuts using a knife. Apply ghee on the knife as well, so that it doesn’t stick to the knife. Make cuts as per your requirement. You can also use a cookie cutter to give it different shapes. Note: You will end up breaking the pieces if you try to cut it after it cools completely. So make sure it is warm enough while cutting.
coconut barfi
  • Let it cool completely. Run the knife through once again in the cuts to make sure they are properly cut.
coconut barfi knife
  • Now gently scoop out the pieces with the help of a flat spoon or knife.
coconut barfi cut into pieces
  • Tasty & juicy Coconut burfi is ready to eat!!!!
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