Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

I am Jayashri from India.

I am a full time Blogger and Youtuber (Three Whistles Kitchen Youtube Channel). Here you will find recipes of Indian foods and their photography!


Basically I am very interested in cooking Indian dishes (especially South Indian) and Photography (partly inspired from my husband).

Cooking is something I am naturally good at. Thanks to my mom who is a very good cook herself and because of her guidance, I learnt the basics of Indian cooking (the most ancient yet advanced one).

It was during my late schooling days, I started helping my mom in the cooking work. Initially, I started by making dosa, and rolling chapathis(which are considered very simple and easy to do).

Later, as I stepped into college, in my free time I started trying out new recipes like sweets and gravies(curries).

I refer other cooking blogs or try out new recipes shared by my friends to see where I stand. The result was okayish at the beginning. Since I was a newbie to cooking back then, the art of getting the right taste made me very curious.

Because there are one million ingredients that go into Indian cooking, the correct mix and match of them really amazed me!

Everyone can relate to the pain of getting the taste of dishes right (with correct salt, spice, sour and other ingredients).

And it is absolutely amazing to see my mom and restaurants getting the taste right all the time. This motivated me to “practice cooking”.

As days passed by, I started getting results in cooking, that is, I started getting the right taste. Back then, my dad and little brother were my critics.

Now, it’s my husband who takes the turn to comment on what I prepare.

My husband loves my cooking! It was he who pushed me into this venture.

Since my husband also loves photography, he sensed the excitement of photography within me and taught me all the basics of handling a DSLR/mirrorless camera.

The sight of camera, lenses, tripod and the resulting photos, make me very excited.

If cooking is a science, then its presentation is an art.

I will not claim myself to be a professional photographer or a certified chef. But I am learning the art and craft of both cooking and photography.

After a lot of discussion and brainstorming we thought – Why not combine both the skills, experiment a lot, grow along the way and provide very good value to our visitors?

This is the main reason we launched this blog and started a youtube channel.

It is a very competitive space to be in especially in 2019 where there are very well known bloggers and youtubers in cooking niche.

Knowing very well the challenge in front of us, we decided to give our best and create unique content in the form of blog posts and videos.


I will bring a lot of my unique experiences and background into my cooking.

My upbringing was in Bangalore, some of my childhood years were in Palakkad(Kerala), my native is Aruppukottai and now I am settled in Chennai. I can easily distinguish and create three types of Sambar – Karnataka Sambar with sweet taste, Kerala Sambar with coconut taste and Tamilnadu Chettinad Sambar with spicy touch. This is just an example to show my breadth and depth of cooking skills.

My husband’s background is also interesting. His childhood was in Amla (Madhya Pradesh) and New Delhi, college in Madurai(Tamilnadu), native in Aruppukottai and now settled in Chennai. He is naturally a foodie because of the various places he has lived.

He always encourages me to try new dishes especially North Indian varieties (he is a die hard fan of Aloo Tikki, Jalebi and Samosa which he used to have in his childhood in New Delhi).

 Check Out My Popular Recipes! 
1. Jigarthanda  
2. Coconut Burfi  
3. Mutton Ghee Roast  
4. Wheat Biscuit 

I will also upload photos of Indian foods, dive into their world and capture their textures using high-resolution cameras.

One of the recipes that got the maximum views on Youtube is the “Empty Salna Recipe” video :

Indian Food Photography – I will capture and post stunning photos of foods from my home, famous restaurants and other prominent places from India. I especially love the texture of food seen through the camera lens!

I also post Ultra High Definition 4K videos, whose resolution is much better than a typical HD 1080 quality (especially when viewed in 4K displays like desktop monitors or Smart TVs).


All the recipes in Three Whistles Kitchen are shot in my home. My husband helps me during the process if needed because it is a lot of hardwork!

I do all the editing, music and post production from my home.


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