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Omapodi recipe featured
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Omapodi Recipe | Plain Sev | (Quick) Diwali Snacks

How to make CRISPY Sev or Omapodi? How to STORE Omapodi/Sev the RIGHT way, so it stays crispy till you finish the jar? Let’s get started! What is Omapodi/Plain Sev? Omapodi or plain sev is a tasty & crunchy savoury dish prepared using gram flour (also known as besan in Hindi) as the base ingredient….

turmeric milk
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(Instant) Turmeric Milk Recipe with Pepper to Boost Your Immunity

Today I will show you how to prepare simple turmeric milk quickly (within 5 minutes). Turmeric milk or Haldi ka doodh can boost your immunity against cold, cough and sore throat. Let’s get started! What is Turmeric Milk or Manjal Paal? Turmeric milk is an Indian Drink or Beverage, is mainly prepared using Turmeric powder…

tomato salna featured 2
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Tomato Salna Recipe (How to Get the Original Roadside Parotta Salna Taste)

Are you craving for some roadside food? Are you looking for that exact recipe on how to prepare roadside salna at home? Are you so tempted to prepare salna but have no vegetables at home except onions and tomatoes? Here you go, read further to know how to prepare this tomato salna or the roadside…

Coconut oil featured
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How to Make Pure Coconut Oil at Home for 100% Healthy Cooking (can also be used for Hair, Skin !)

Pure coconut oil at home! If you’re tired of chemicals or preservatives mixed with the coconut oil at stores… If you want 100% Healthy, Fresh and Pure coconut oil for your family… If you want to use coconut oil for cooking, for healthy skin and hair… You’re in the right place! Today I will show…