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Cold Cofee Recipe | Coffee Milkshake Recipe

by Jayashri
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Cold Cofee Recipe | How to make cold coffee at home | Coffee Milkshake under 1 minute

Cold cofee is one of those drinks which makes everyone fall in love with it, especially kids. It hardly takes less than a minute to prepare this absolutely tasty and delicious drink.

cold coffee serve chilled

During my childhood, I remember how surprised I was when I came to know that coffee can be served cold and consumed the same way! I just couldn’t believe because when I was a kid, I didn’t know the difference of taste between coffee and tea. And when I came to know cold coffee, my mind found it hard to imagine sipping coffee or tea served cold.

But once I had the taste of it, I fell in love with it!

Nonetheless, it is a pleasant beverage to enjoy during the hot summer months. This drink is a quick alternative to the usual filter coffee and espresso and cappuccino.

Video Recipe: How to prepare cold coffee

If you need some strong caffeine flavor, increase the coffee extract/powder according to your need.

You may also prepare it using vanilla ice cream to get that rich and creamy texture. You may also use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder while preparing. Honey can be substituted for sugar (its always better to avoid white sugar).

Cold cofee is usually topped and served with whipped cream, vanilla/chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. Another variation is to add crushed ice to make iced coffee. There are several variations to this recipe. You can also try your version according to your preferences.

Cold Cofee – Step by Step Method with Photos:

  • In a blender/mixer – Add milk, sugar/honey, coffee extract and cocoa powder. You may use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder. [Boil the milk, and refrigerate it until chilled- before use]
cold coffee blend well
  • Now, blend smooth until sugar dissolves. Add ice cubes if necessary.
cold coffee blended
cold coffee chilled
  • Serve chilled!!!
cold coffee serve chilled

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