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Banana Smoothie Recipe| Banana Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

by Jayashri
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Banana Smoothie | Banana Chocolate Smoothie in 1 minute | Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Banana Smoothie! A very quick and simple drink which hardly takes a minute to be prepared.

Adding chocolate to this banana smoothie makes it very yummy! Altogether, it is a wholesome nutritious healthy drink which can be prepared in a jiffy!

If you are a total newbie or a wannabe cook or someone who needs ways to beat the heat quickly without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, this one is for you.

One of the best parts of Banana Smoothie is that you probably have all the ingredients right there at your kitchen. If you are clueless and unsure of what to do with those excess bananas which are ripened, please don’t throw them away. Instead turn them into flavorful drinks!!!

This Banana Chocolate Smoothie recipe tastes just like a milkshake, with the added benefit of nutrients. This drink is rich in calcium and protein – making it very healthy for everyone including kids. An excellent way to start a day with this healthy drink.

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Step by Step Method for Banana Smoothie with Photos:

  • In a blender – Add chopped ripened banana (medium size). Adding banana gives this recipe a creamy texture.
banana smoothie banana pieces
  • Now add milk (chilled or at room temperature), sugar and cocoa powder. You may also use jaggery (naatu sakkarai) instead of white sugar. Drinking chocolate powder or chocolate syrup can also be substituted for cocoa powder. [The measurements can be altered according to your taste.]
banana smoothie mix all ingre
  • After that blend well till it is smooth. Add ice cubes if necessary.
banana smoothie ice cubes
  • Serve chilled!!!!!
banana smoothie

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