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Boli Recipe | Obbattu Recipe

by Jayashri
Paruppu Boli recipe

Boli Recipe | Obbattu Recipe | Paruppu Poli Recipe | Bele Obbattu Recipe

Boli Recipe is a sweet based flat-bread. It is prepared by stuffing cooked dal or coconut and poppy seeds in jaggery syrup.

This boli recipe is famous in South India, especially in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It is also said to be popular in Maharashtra.

In South India, it is generally prepared during festivals or any special occasions.

Boli recipe Featured

In Kannada, it is also known as Obbattu or Holige or Puran Poli. Whereas, in Andhra, it is known as Bobbatlu or obbattu. In Tamilnadu, it is known as Paruppu boli or pooranam poli.

What is Boli or Obbattu Recipe?

Boli or Obbattu is a sweet based flatbread recipe. It is made using plain flour or maida to prepare the outer layer. Jaggery and channa dal or toor dal, or coconut, or peanut, sesame, poppy seeds etc can be used to prepare different variants.

In a country like India, where culture and festival is given more importance, sweet like boli is a very common and easy recipe to prepare. It is so easy and popular that most of the houses in the country prepare boli recipe during festivals such as ganesh chaturthi, holi, diwali, sankranti, pongal etc.

Video Recipe: How to make Boli Recipe with Dal

Boli recipe by Three Whistles Kitchen

It is also known to be one main sweet dish prepared in every house in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during Ugadi Festival (Celebrated as New Year).

I usually prepare it during festivals like Diwali and Pongal and sometimes even during Tamil New Year celebrated on April 14th/15th every year.

When it comes to the size of the boli, it varies greatly from state to state. Some roll it thick when you stuff dal cooked in jaggery or sugar syrup, some very thin when you stuff it with coconut, poppy seeds, sesame, etc. Also, it is available in big or small size in diameter.

This version of boli prepare with dal and jaggery stuffing is one of my favourite recipe.

paruppu boli

Initially, I thought preparing boli is a strenuous task and takes a long time. One day, when my mom visited me, she insisted me to try out preparing obbattu recipe under her guidance.

To be frank, I felt really nervous to prepare it for the first time. And then I decided to shoot a recipe video on how to prepare this recipe from the scratch. So it would be easy for all the beginners like me to learn how to make it and also share my experience.

Believe me, it is so so simple. You will realize it only when you give it a try and not when someone tells you out of their experience.

Obbattu recipe

How to prepare Paruppu Poli/Obbattu Recipe?

Let’s prepare the dough:

In a bowl, add maida or all-purpose flour, salt and turmeric powder. And give it a mix before you add water. You may use wheat flour instead of maida, for a healthier version. I have used turmeric powder just to give it a slightly yellow colour, you may avoid it if you dont want it. In that case, you will get a white coloured boli recipe.

Add water in batches and prepare a dough. Make sure it is not very hard. The dough should be soft and moist. Like the consistency of puri or chapathi dough.

Add little oil and knead it for 2 minutes. Doing so helps in making the dough soft.

After kneading the dough, pour some oil until it is soaked. This helps in stretching the dough easily and without the dough tearing apart or sticking. Cover & keep aside for 4-5 hours.

Meanwhile, let’s prepare the puran or sweet stuffing:

In a pressure cooker, add equal proportion of channa dal (bengal gram) and toor dal (sambar dal). I usually prefer adding both the dal variety and in equal proportions. You may just use one variety of dal too if required.

obbattu dal

Add water and cook for 1 whistle in high flame. Turn off flame and wait until the pressure releases by itself.

Once pressure releases, drain excess water. You may use the drained water to prepare dal rasam or for sambar. Make sure you cook only for 1 whistle, if you cook for more whistle, you will not be able to separate the water completely from the dal.

cooked dal

Allow it to cool a little. Then transfer it to a blender or mixer and gring smooth. It doesn’t matter if a few dal is ground coarsely.

grind smooth dal

Now, let’s prepare the jaggery syrup:

In a pan/kadai, add jaggery and water. Heat on high flame and stir it until it melts completely.

To check the consistency, pour a drop into a bowl of water and try to bring it togeher. It should form a thick hard ball and not dissolve in water.

Always check twice before confirming.

thick ball obbattu

Now add the cooked and ground dal to the jaggery mixture and combine well.

Mash it until no lumps and combine well. Add cardamom crushed/powdered, as it gives a good flavour to the poli.

Mix well and cook until it thickens and forms a soft dough. Keep aside and let it cool completely.

To make the obbattu:

Take a plastic cover/sheet/butter paper. Apply oil/ghee over it so that the dough doesn’t stick to the sheet. Take a small lemon sized maida dough and spread it using your fingers. Spead it to the size of a puri. Make a small lemon sized ball of the jaggery stuffing. Stuffing size should be a slightly bigger than the dough ball.

flatten dough
keep stuffing

Bring all the sides of the dough together to the centre and make a ball. Put the covered or joint edge sides at the bottom. Now roll/spread it by gently pressing with your fingers over the dough.

Heat a tawa and apply ghee or oil over it. Once heated up, transfer the poli onto the hot tawa. Cook for 2 minutes on each sides and toast until it turns crispy on each side.

Eat it hot with a little ghee on top.

Obbattu recipe

Recipe Card:

Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure the consistency of the jaggery syrup should form a thick hard ball.
  • Outer maida dough should be soft and soaking it in oil for minimum 3 hours is important.
  • Roll it thick, as rolling it thin will break the boli.
  • You may refrigerate the stuffing and use for about a week.

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