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Mixed Fruit Custard | Fruit Salad with Custard

by Jayashri
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Mixed Fruit Custard | Fruit Salad with Custard | Custard Recipe | Summer Delight

Mixed fruit custard is a creamy, rich fruit salad mixed in vanilla flavoured custard.

It is a very simple and peculiar dish that is always served chilled.

It is one best healthy & refreshing dessert to relish during summers.

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Mixed Fruit Custard by Three Whistles Kitchen

What is Mixed Fruit Custard?

Mixed Fruit Custard are basically prepared using milk, sugar, custard powder and some finely chopped fruits.

Fruit custard is my all time favourite dessert. Usually I prepare it without any additional cornflour. I mostly use Weikfield or pilsbury brand custard powder.

During summers I prepare this dessert almost every week.

Custard recipe is one very simple dish that even a beginner can prepare it with ease.

Sometimes, when I don’t have any fruits left in my kitchen, I just prepare the custard and have it plain. Even the plain custard tastes awesome, where you just can have it as a drink.

You may add any fruits of your choice. There is no restriction to it.

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I prefer apples, bananas, pomegranate very often. Apples give a slightly crunchy/chunky feel in every bite. Whereas, bananas add a slight sweet taste and feels so soft in every bite along with the creamy custard. The pomegranates give the custard a good colour contrast and juicy in every single bite.

Other than these, you may add green grapes, strawberries, mangoes ( always love it ), kiwis, etc. You may also add few nuts and dry fruits if required.

Make sure chop the fruits a slightly in medium size. So you can feel the bite with the custard.

These custards are so yummy which makes you irresistible.

Fruit custard was the first dessert that I prepared for my hubby, when he visited me for the very first time before we got married.

And, till today it’s also been his favorite dessert too.

Believe me friends, it’s one simple, peculiar & healthy dessert as it is prepared with loads of fruits and creamy custard.

Video Recipe: How to prepare Mixed Fruit Custard

Other Variations:

I usually don’t prepare custard popsicles or custard ice creams. But, I have always had this idea of preparing custard popsicle. Fruit Custard is always prepared using chilled custard and cut fruits. To give this a twist from the usual method of preparation, I thought of making popsicles with custard and some fruits.

Initially, I had no idea of how this dish would taste when its frozen in ice cream moulds. But believe me guys, its so tempting and mouth-watering. So its icy & creamy texture can never be explained in words. Not to forget the chopped fruits, it adds a great crunchy taste in every single bite.

It is loaded with fresh fruit and milk. It is such an easy recipe that can be prepared in just 15 minutes with a freeze time of 2-3 hours or overnight.

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To purchase ice cream or kulfi moulds online, check the below links (Amazon Affiliate links):

As it is summer now, I feel like eating these popsicles almost every day. These ice candies are just my favourite this summer. With some watermelon popsicles, chocolate lassi, sweet lassi, frozen popsicles, jigarthanda, banana smoothie, cold coffee and some soft ice creams are the best thing to eat for this summer.

How to prepare Fruit Custard?

Pour milk into a pot/pan. Heat it on low flame. Stir it continuously to avoid burning.

Add sugar and stir until it dissolves completely.

Do not bring the milk to boil. Once milk is warm, mix custard powder into a small bowl of milk. Mix well until no lumps. It is important to be lump-free.

Add the custard mixture to the warm milk and keep stirring continuously to avoid burning.

Starts to thicken. Continue stirring.

Once it thickens, turn off the flame and cool it completely. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Do NOT freeze.

Now, add finely chopped fruits as per your wish in a bowl. I have added finely chopped apple as they give a crunchy feel in every bite. Some bananas as they are so soft and add a little sweetness. And some pomegranates to give it an attractive look & some juicy flavour. You may also add grapes, strawberries, kiwis and not to forget mangoes etc.

Pour in the chilled custard into the bowl and mix well with the fruits.

Serve chilled!! It is a perfect summer delight!!!

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Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure the custard mix is lump free, if not it might curdle the milk.
  • Tastes great with chunks of fruits.
  • Vanilla ice cream can be used for some extra creamy texture.
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